About Us

About us

Lucky to be early-retired professionals from nursing and teaching – Anne and Gerry are enjoying a new future by working a common delight and interest in animals.

Many years experience and care has seen a range of dogs, cats, horses, ponies, fish, rabbits, rats, gerbils, tortoises, hamsters and once even a crow come and pass through their homes and hands.

We want each walk to be a mutually enjoyable experience:-  we operate:

1. Initial solo walk and consultation to profile your dog’s needs with our balanced programmes.

2. Capped amount of 4 dogs and usually I walker to 2 dogs

3. Group walks compatibility assessed.

4. Each walk risk assessed your dogs needs.

5. Feeding, watering and wipe down arrangements.

6. Team member available at all times to take care of emergencies.

7. Dedicated local service: pet shopping; transport to vet; weekend and holiday