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Home Visits and Pet Sitting

The prospect of boarding our pets is awful; something to avoided if at all possible. We do empathise with guilty conversations after the drop-off then the sheer delight when you return to see how they are … how they got on!

Anne & Gerry will provide you with a reassuring solution in circumstances where your are on holiday or simply need to be elsewhere.

Home visits:

  • we can accommodate your puppy or an unwell or elderly dog; as well as meet the needs of your cats other small pets and plant and basic garden care.

Pet sitting:

  • Home-Sitting and Walking services can be arranged as part of the one package; depending on our availability.

For your security we operate:

  • an effective communication system;
  • a strict key holder policy;
  • an unmarked car will always be used when arriving at your property
  • attention to mail tidy, house lights and curtains.



Anne and Gerry never walk more than two dogs at a time.

Walkeez – walks allow for the broad range of age and stage:

  • the scampering new comer whose feet can’t keep up with its nose;
  • the intrepid explorer: splattering through he muddiest of puddles; wading in pond and stream; foraging in the undergrowth and just in case, marking its route on favourite trees;
  • the elder dog who requires the leisure of a contemplative stroll and the fun of observing life before returning home for a treat and a nap.

Walks can be anything from a twenty-minute stroll to a three hour adventure.


  • your dog will be risk assessed prior to each walk to ensure its safety and the safety of other dogs and people;we can follow a familiar route of your choice and the activity can be as long or as short as you require;
  • your written permission will be required to allow your dog to walk off-lead;
  • solo walks are available;
  • transport is regularly maintained and smoke free.